Tool for formatting inputs for selenium css selectors for multi class names (with spaces) - selenium python

When you use selenium to select an element with multiple classes using driver.find_element_by_css_selector(), you need to replace spaces with dot notation. For example, To select The following element: <i align="center" class="far fa-copy croc-copy-icon"> you 'll need to use the following selector with dot notation formatting:


Having to replace spaces with full stops over and over again can get repetitive and time-consuming especially for lengthy classes. Here is a quick script I use to replace all spaces with dots, and add a dot at the beginning of the string. I found this can save quite a bit of time

import pyperclip

text = "a really long multi class element t-14 t-black--light t-normal hoverable-link-text"

temp = text.replace(" ",".")
string_for_selenium_css_selector = "." + temp




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